New Resident Form

Please complete the new resident form below.

This form is for current or new Northampton residents only
1. To request a New Login 
2. To Change Current Login
3. To request Key Fob Activation of fobs received from Previous Owner
4. To request Additional Key Fobs ($100 each)

Logins allow access to a members only area where you can access Bylaws, Covenants, Amenity Rules and Tennis Schedules.

For new residents, your logon information will be added based on closing information provided by your closing attorney.
We do not control this timetable. 
Please do not submit a request until these documents have been received by our management company from you or your closing attorney.
Deliver closing documents to Team Management, 1230 Johnson Ferry Rd, Suite F10, Marietta GA 30068
or electronically to Michelle Mcgonegal.

Existing Residents: Please allow up to 1 week for your request to be completed.
New Residents: Please allow up to 2 weeks after receipt of closing documents.

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